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IC-Prüfklemmen, Vergoldete Kontakte, 923 Series

3M 923650-16

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3M 3M
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GTIN UPC EAN: 00054007800958 80610336028
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923 Series
Vergoldete Kontakte
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The 923650-16 is a surface-mount Test Clip with headless head. This series provides downsized series made of smaller components and higher densities. Now hard to access surface-mount ICs can be connected to test probes and logical assemblies quickly and easily without the risk of shorting out clips or damaging other board components. The 3M clips allow safe, accurate and convenient testing of plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC) and ceramic leadless chip carrier (LCC) style integrated circuits. The unique action wedge design of the test clip allows all four of its side to open simultaneously for one step, secure attachment to the PLCC being tested.
  • Helical compression spring and insulating contact combs ensure contact integrity during testing
  • Probe access points are immediately visible for fast and safe individual lead testing
  • Staggered contact rows facilitate probe attachment & prevent accidental shorting of adjacent probes
  • With positive attachment to device, test clip will not fall off when board is vertical
  • Wiping action and high nominal force combine to provide excellent electrical contact
  • Gold alloy plated leads
  • High normal force
  • Excellent electrical contact
  • Long-term performance


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Auch bekannt als

GTIN UPC EAN: 00054007800958 80610336028