Artificial Intelligence is rapidly driving growth in the information and operational technology domains. For years, Renesas has been a leader in OT endpoint applications with microprocessor and microcontroller solutions. Leveraging that experience, Renesas AI solutions are enhancing OT-based systems and products that we use every day by placing AI where it matters the most – at the endpoint – while decoupling dependency on the Cloud for real-time decisions and real-time action.

Renesas delivers embedded AI technology with intelligent data processing at the endpoint, the origin of information. To meet the demands of Industry 4.0/IIoT, production systems must provide advanced control and maintenance.

Precise sampling and collection of data at the endpoint is essential. Flexible, scalable solutions from Renesas are unique in the industry and address the specific needs for artificial intelligence in embedded devices at the endpoint.

RZ/A2M - High-Speed Embedded AI-based image Processing Microprocessors
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RX65N - Large-capacity RAM, enhanced security, connectivity
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RX66T - Designed for motor control applications
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RA6T1 for BLDC motors
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RX23W and RX23W module
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Industry leading PCIe® Timing Solutions - 9fgv10
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Industry leading PCIe® Timing Solutions - 9fg
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RA6M3 - For cloud connectivity
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