Broadcom semiconductor products with green applications

Optical isolation

Solid state relays

Fibre optic components

Magnetic and optical encoders


Ethernet switches and PHYs

AECQ-100 qualified components

Single pair ethernet

Learn how Broadcom can support you with your green applications

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Going green – Protect with Broadcom optocouplers

Broadcom optocouplers are the ideal fit for an array of green applications ranging from solar and wind inverters, energy storage, automotive electric vehicles and charging and power supplies.


  • Drive inverters more efficiently
  • Reduce copper losses by providing high insulation voltage
  • Consume less power during current sensing and data transmission

e-book: Protect with Broadcom optocouplers.

Learn how Broadcom can support you with your green energy applications.

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ACFL-3161T – Coming Soon!

ACFJ-3262– Coming Soon!


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SiC and GaN:  What are these new materials and what are they used for?

White Papers
Don‘t risk eroneous switching with SiC and GaN power devices – Use optical isolation

High switching speeds in smaller industrial equipment will require superior CMR and EMI performance that only optical technology can offer..

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Be prepared! New standards are driving the need for higher insulation ratings in power electronics

Make sure your design complies with the new standards for power drives (IEC 61800-5) ACNT-H Family of devices.

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Increase efficiency with Broadcom encoders

Versatile encoder solutions enabling green applications

For motion and feedback control, providing both single-turn and multi-turn positions

Incremental encoders for speed control of servo motors

Optical and magnetic encoders designed to operate at temperatures required for harsh and challenging environments.

Wind Turbine

Absolute encoders are used for monitoring the Yaw control of the nacelle (the main structure which houses all generating components, gearbox, drive train, etc.). Absolute encoders are ideal for the pitch control of the blades to adapt to different wind conditions. Incremental encoders can be used for speed monitoring of the generator

Solar Panel

Absolute encoders are an ideal solution for monitoring the panel position to adapt to optimum sunlight direction & conditions.

LiDAR in Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Reflective and Magnetic encoders for Polygon/rotating mirror and speed control.

e-book: Increase Efficiency with Broadcom Encoders.

Learn how Broadcom can support you with your green applications.

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Energy saving with Broadcom LEDs

Known for its LEDs’ performance, efficiency and reliability, Broadcom offers an extensive portfolio of products that include high brightness and high power LEDs, PLCC surface-mount LEDs, and display backlighting module solutions. These LEDs and display modules address a wide range of markets, including electronic signs and signals, automotive, solid state lighting and LCD display backlighting.

e-book: Energy-saving with Broadcom LEDs.

Learn how Broadcom can support you with your green applications.

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Electric cars and chargingSurface mount PLCC LEDsASMB-TTF2-0B20B
Horticulture LEDs
Electronic signs & signalling: Traffic signs, Railway signsSMT lampAEMD-Ex3K/Cx3L
Renewable energy: Windturbine + Controller
SMT lamps (Solar panel display)HLMP-EG3B-WX0DV
Power generation and distribution: Energy consumption display 7-Segment displaysHDSP- Series
Energy storage system: Status indicator


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UV LEDs: The advantages of LED Technology

Enabling the green energy transition

Fiber optic benefits:

  • High galvanic isolation, no ground loops
  • Immune to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Reliable and robust systems
  • Excellent signal integrity over large distances
  • Withstand hostile environments – e.g. Lightning strikes
  • Robust data security – almost impossible to tap
  • Lightweight cabling and ease of field termination

e-book: Broadcom industrial fiber components.

Learn why these products are fundamental for the green energy transition.

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Fast ethernet transceivers AFBR-59E4APZC (FE-SFF)
AFBR-57B4APZC (DC-50Mbit/s SFP)
High voltage AFBR-39xxxxRZ
On-board isolation
Versatile link AFBR-1624Z/2624Z
Transmitter and receiver AFBR-1521CZ/2521CZ
Power over fiber AFBR-POx0xL
Arc flash AFBR-S10TR001Z
Transceiver and sensor AFBR-S10PS010Z


Single pair ethernet – SPE

Single Pair Ethernet is a technology that will enable communication in Smart factories with reliable real time data from any sensor up to the cloud. Features of Single Pair Ethernet are reduced cabling costs, small sized connectors and high bandwidth using Ethernet-TSN Standard products.

Broadcom has a comprehensive product portfolio of PHYs that are already available today with the lowest power consumption and featuring auto-negotiation.



Key features in the PHY portfolio include:

  • Full compliance to Energy Efficient Ethernet(EEE) standard which offers substantially lower power consumption
  • Most precise IEEE1588 v2 timing synchronization offering 1ns resolution with hardware -assist delay measurement
  • Extended Reach and Cabling Flexibility: Capability to extend reach of 100/10 Mbps over longer distances using a variety of cabling options
  • I-temp qualified solutions in the latest process technologies offering small package options
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Video: 10G/25G/50G/100G IEEE 1588 Optical PHY